Thursday, January 22, 2009

A reflection-

How well I remember the RUSH...
Reading you made me blush- and
Made me laugh, made me cry-
Made me wonder Where and Why?

How else would our paths have crossed?
I'm Startled by how much I would have lost-
If I had never risked the words-
NOT writing- now- seems absurd

Little pearls are what you are-
You burn in me like glowing stars.
You made your marks, took your place-
None will ever be replaced.

Three years ago I took a dare-
And look at all who've responded with care.
I took a journey, only to find a haven...
In friends who paused to read the Voyage of Mayden.

Those who have touched me:
A wise and brave man who became a cherished friend-
A Ph D who always makes me think
A Dog, who I thought was a dude, who is as a beloved sister as any I have- and her art is everywhere in my home
Another sister- across the sea in the South Pacific- whose name means Light.
A fellow Conservative who got one of my first scarves
A wonderful artist who I love to send fudge too- and couldn't last year...but who knows what 09 will bring ? :) (I so adore you Ted!)
A friend whose soul was broken by death and grief- who opened her heart and home to are a sister too.
A Foming Moan- who is strong and gives courage through her understanding
An artist whose lake/mountain scene hangs in my home
A fuzzy Lamb and a puggy dog
A poet who stole my heart-
An Aussie I admire
A sweet lovely woman who sent me books in the mail- and I needed them!
A former solider who likes to cook, and likes things HOT, and loves his wife, dogs, and family :)
A solider I met, but can't find anymore.
A woman of many names- Pink and Red were some
A Monster who came for a visit from the land of the Rising Sun, and his image still hangs on my wall over my desk. I miss you Scary Monster :)
A former New Yorker also in the Land of the Rising Sun...who left a message on my cell phone once and I kicked myself for a week for missing that call!
Another New Yorker who is in love with a Prince
Oh- Lance...still- I think of you- I miss you as well.
And you too friend- but there is nothing Cruel about you
Sridhar- yeah...I'll name you. I like the way you think :)
A lover of 24 who I am pretty sure I'm related to- distantly :) (I suppose all true Southerners might be distantly related?)
New friends who con the con-artists
Old friends who've shut their blog... I AM NOT (and a few others)
Wild friends who take daring photos and post them (wow!)
A gardener I had the pleasure of meeting once in South Carolina
A pilot who really loves to fly- :)
And a dozen others who've stopped long enough to say hello- I hope I did as well by you.


I think I'm past the dark passage which had to be endured. Sunshine awaits me. Words fill every corner of my mind. I am breathing again. There will be other difficult things to face down the road and such is life, but today is a day to rejoice.

I am so happy to just BE; and so happy to know each of you- in whatever ways were deemed right- for however long or short.

Thank you always for the time you've spent with me.



SJ said...

Thanks for the mention. Been a pleasure to get to know you.
I still have that magnet :)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

The pleasure's half ours, Mayden. Possibly more.

NYD said...

I'm certain there will be other calls. The voyage is far from over.

Skunkfeathers said...

You're always a pleasure, Mayden. May your journey last well beyond my own ;)

Anonymous said...

i love
your words, cora

the dark and light

keep the faith

<3 <3 <3


Josh said...

I am happy for you Ms. Cora - I have watched you and your family cope with so many different things, and I am relieved to know that the hardest part is behind you.

This post made me happy to read - love ya Ms. Mayden. :)

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

you made me well up with tears...
hope you have some time for yourself this weekend!

foam said...

sweat pea ..
the pleasure's been all mine .. :)

Effortlessly Average said...

Hi Cora. It's been a while.

leelee said...

Cora, friend! What a lovely tribute..I am honored to be considered a friend..I know one day we will meet, when I am in your neck of the woods.

I was thinking of you this morning and wondering if you have heard from Sean...from your words, I'm thinking no! :-( If you do, tell him I miss him and pray for him daily.

I am glad there are rays of sunshine in your deserve them..


Da Pixie said...

Mama- that poem was beautiful! But in your list, you didn't mention your all-important loving daughter...

K9 said...

what a wonderful sweet post -im still trying to figure out all of them...isnt nyd scary monster? who is posting daring photos of them selves. i want to see that. you love em, and i do too. a great dare that has been amazing and you tell it best. xo sixter.

The Phosgene Kid said...

I know I enjoy visiting with you. Promise I'll always wipe my feet before I come in...

Bone said...

Wonderful post, my fellow 24 lover :)

It is quite amazing the paths we cross and the people we affect and who affect us, all simply doing this blogging thing.

Bad Bob said...

Your blog is always an inspiration to me. I hope we get to meet someday.

Libby said...

cora-i hope SO much that sunshine is coming into your life now! you really DO desewrve some! no, you deserve much more than "some"!

Da Pixie said...

Thanks, mama! I love you!