Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome 2009

A sudden light transfigures a trivial thing, a weather-vane, a wind-mill, a winnowing flail, the dust in the barn door; a moment,—and the thing has vanished, because it was pure effect; but it leaves a relish behind it, a longing that the accident may happen again.
- Walter Pater

Don't look for the "transfiguring light"- it will find you.

Don't pine away for it once it's gone because another one will come soon.

Cherish the moment and keep it in your heart.

I wish each of you a wonderful New Year- full of love, light, and joy :)
Hugs :)


wulfine said...

ditto. 2009 will feel very different from 2008. i look to the future with bated breath.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Happy New Year Mayden

Skunkfeathers said...

May '09 bring you peace, joy, contentment, serenity. May you know love, affection and warmth in abundance, Mayden. Best to you and yours this New Year.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

My Dear Mayden! Very best wishes from the Great Southern Land.

We've been in 2009 for a while now. I wont spoil the surprise and tell you how it ends but I know you will love it.

Anonymous said...


(beautiful photo!)

¤ ¤ ¤


SJ said...

Happy new year!

We both chose to welcome the year in our posts instead of wishing others :)

chickory said...

happy new year! and you never even saw your CD for 2008! thanks for the text last night. old timers like me were already in bed! ggrrrrrrrrherhehhahaha

foam said...

and the same to you .. :)

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

right back atcha! Hope 2009 is a wonderful year for you!

NYD said...

As alwways, Cora. Knowing you has made 2008 a good thing and will make this year something special as well.

Enjoy the ride!

TROLL said...

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Libby said...

happy new year, cora!