Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lilies and TMI

I love, love, love this image. I took this shot 2 summers ago and I need to have it blown up and hang it in my house somewhere.
I love the color, and the curls, and water...and it's untouched. I might love it even more if I edited the background color a little. I'll play with it and see what happens.

This is the actual crop of lilies in my front yard- and in 4 weeks I MUST dig up the bulbs and re-plant them. I will have plenty to give away. Would you like a handful of Easter lily bulbs?

Email me at or and tell me where to send them- and I will : )
I wanted to do this last year but a good hard freeze didn't come until late in the season and by then I was up to my ears with Christmas and such. These flowers are hardy and I think they will grow just about anywhere- and they don't need to be fussed over. I've planted them in the shade and they grew, and in full sun.
I was given some bulbs about 14 years ago from a plant given to a great-grandmother back in the 70's- and have dug them up (when we moved) and re-planted them...they are gorgeous and I love them.
So...if you want a bit of Mayden's favorite flower in your yard- or in a pot on your deck- just send me a note and I will mail them in a few weeks.
Personal note: (the TMI part :)
I'm having a fit with my right elbow (not the one I fell on). I've got tendonitus, had the cortisone shot, and I'm still having a lot of trouble with it. T's been gone for most of the month (work and play) and I am heading out for some girl time this weekend when he returns (beach trip!).
I'm inside out over the election stuff and the bail-out and if I start writing about it I don't know if I could stop. I was glad to hear the banks who are getting part of the 700 BILLION have to pay a 5% return...but of course one has to show a profit in order to actually pay a return...and who can be sure that will actually happen? Sigh...blah...not good.
I've been up to my ears with "Mom, sister, and caregiver stuff" and writing has taken a back seat...I'm sorry. I'm actually more sorry for me- because it's a waste and I know it. I miss you all.
I'll go back to the ortho Dr. again and see what he says. Surgery might be in order- but with this involving my RIGHT hand I am hesitant. On the other hand (no pun inteneded) I am so limited in what I can do with my right arm I might as well do whatever it takes to correct this and get back into the swing of things as soon as possible.
Here's a revelation about me...(I just realized it!)
I loathe being limited in any way!!!
How about you?
Getting old is going to be (IS???) quite a learning (and humbling) experience, isn't it? :)


Gnomeself Be True said...

"Getting old ain't for wimps." ~My Dad
He should know. He's had cancer, a heart attack, open heart sugery, prostate sugery and he cares for my brain injured Mom.
He works at life every day and has an easy attitude, but still says he looks forward to being "closer to God." Which is his way of saying "dead."

So, buck up babe. It may not be all downhill from here, but that's the general trend.

Unknown said...

Getting old? What's that :P

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Ok Mr. little elbow situation seems pretty minor :) Thank you for perspective!
I'm "Bucked up" now! lol ;)

SJ- with the leg issue you've dealt with- my elbow situation seems pretty pathetic :) Ok, ok...see- I told you all it was TMI!
lol :) You will never grow old- just better~

h said...

I wouldn't put much faith in anything Secretary Paulson puts in his plan. He won't be around to implement it and a "President" Obama with demoncrats controlling both houses will be able to do pretty much whatever George Soros tells him to do with the 1.1 trillion.

But what the Paulson plan actually says is this:

1) Banks will have the option of buying back the Fed's share within 5 years and at 5% interest.

2) If they can't, or won't, that interest rate goes up by an indeterminate amount. So, ON PAPER, they have an incentive to do so.

But, again, the demoncrats won't feel bound to stick to that agreement. Banks that contribute to demoncrat coffers will be rewarded. Banks that don't, will be hammered.

And that includes banks like BB&T that ARE NOT getting bailed out and didn't royally screw up over the last 3 years.

sparringK9 said...

whatta drag itiz getting old! if the surgery will help do it now before it becomes free and you have to wait 10 years to get it. grrrherhahaha. i want some easter lillies. and YES that is a beautiful photograph. would make a great painting too. hmmmmmmmmm

Aunty Belle said...

Missy Mayden! Y'ain't old puddin', youse wearin' yoreself out doin' all that doin'.

Love that photo--sublime. If yore lillies will grow in zone 9 I'd love some fer mah patch of flowers--love to have a bit of your beauty round heah.

Looky, it ain't gonna be pretty, but this country will survive it...

I'll tell ya a funny true sayin' :

Napoleon invaded the Vatican states and took Pope Pius VII back to France as his prisoner. The bossy little emperor told the captive Pope that he would destroy the Church, where upon the pope drew himself up to all 4'7" and calmly replied, "If I, and all the bishops, have not destroyed the Church by now, you surely cannot."

This country will stand. Take heart.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

I appreciate the offer of lilies, M'am, but I suspect fine gentlemen at Australian customs would prefer me admire the photos.

darkfoam said...

that's me me me for the day lillies ..
i really ought to come and pick them up.
but driving has been a bit of a challenge lately.
whatever you decide to do with your arm ..
i hope it gets to feeling better soon..

Skunkfeathers said...

Regarding lilies: no thanks. Despite having lived on a farm for some 7 years, the only thing I've shown an aptitude for growing is cultures amongst my leftovers community in the 'frig. And for the 'breakaways', I have a shotgun handy ;)

Regarding aging and pain: *hug* Aging can be humbling, true enough; we all age, with as much or as little grace as we will ourselves to have. I live with pain daily (have since '87), and don't let it stop me (save for the days it'll stop a truck LOL). You hang in there, Cora. Keep that radiant smile going!

exskindiver said...

dear cora,
sorry about your armful of troubles.
i checked on you last week, but was not able to leave a comment.
for some reason i thought you were still on hiatus.
those flowers look gorgeous but i hesitate to even attempt.
i kill flowers. it is pathetic really.
have a good time and i will talk to you soon.
say hello to helene for me will you?

Anonymous said...


your lillies
are beautiful --
they get it from you

me, i have a botanical black thumb of death, so you'd best not send any this way -- poor things

take care of your arm

<3 <3 <3


The Phosgene Kid said...

The lilies are gorgeous, but I have a feeling they wouldn't like it out here too much. hope your elbow is ok. Write in Chuck Baldwin (Constitutional Party) for president and you can relax.

NYD said...

The lillies are quite lovely, but I am afraid that I wouldn't be able to get visas for them.

When I think about gettin older, I hope that the experience and knowledge I have picked up along the way will compensate for any shortcomings of the body.

More brain, less muscle is my motto.

X. Dell said...

Sorry to hear that just when things in meatspace are at their most intense you've sustained infuries to the carriers of your helpful hands. Get better soon.

Libby said...

cora, your lilies are beautiful! i would ask for some, but i pity any kind of flower i'd try to plant or keep alive....maybe it was wise to only have one child, huh?

Neoma said...

They are lovely, I have plenty, but mine don't flourish as well as yours. They don't seem to multiply that much. I guess it is the bad soil we have here.

I eventually had to have surgery on my hand and wrist, and it all came out okay. I had gotten to where I couldn't do much of anything. It takes a few months to recover though.

Tracey Taylor said...

Limitations do suck...but sometimes they keep us from harm :) Awesome pictues on your site...just beautiful

Lady Prism said...

Hi Cora. Am' I glad I peeked in here. I'm having the grandest case of the blahs' brought abut by people who live with me, particularly 3 males who hied off to the family farm without even asking me to come along..can you imagine that! I'm really mad upset:(

Your flowers are a pretty relief. Sigh. Wish we were neighbors.

Hey, take care of that arm. Do what the doc says is needed. You'll be in my prayers! Love yah!