Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A "break"- exactly when I needed it : )

I went to see the ortho MD again...
The Dr fussed at me and said, "You are doing too much! You have a micro tear in your tendon. Put your arm in a sling for 30 days."
I laughed at him. This is my RIGHT arm we are talking about! And I am a MOM!

He seemed to think my being a "Mom" was irrelevant.
I went home- pondering how in the world I was going to manage things with my RIGHT arm in a sling- and basically decided I needed to go away for a little while. When I suggested this to my family...they all laughed at me!
About 2 hours after my Dr. appt- I got a phone call from someone near and dear to all of us...
K9 was on the phone!
I was planning a trip to see her on Nov 1st for her art show- and it turned into a week-long invitation to go to the cabin!

Gawd- I love that dog!

So- wish granted! Christmas came early :) I don't promise to wear the stupid sling the whole time I'm with her, but I do promise not to do the "Mom" thing for at least a week!
There will be updates and photos...and most of you should expect your ears to be burning at some point next week :) We will be talking and thinking about you :)
*Prisim- you will most definitely be missed on this trip- I'd give almost anything for you to be with us.
More soon~


SJ said...

Have fun greehehaha ;)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Have fun! But be careful - that 'Mom' gene is a strong one.

Skunkfeathers said...

Enjoy, take care, and be somewhat good to that arm, Cora ;) I'll scambait one just for you!

Anonymous said...

i can
just hear
the LOLing
and grrherhaha-ing

¤ ¤ ¤


K9 said...

since she will be wearing a sling we wont need back packs we will just stuff the sling with survival gear. id love it if lux were coming too. i think the leaves will be beautiful too. we'll blog and talk about all of you. grrherhahahaha. all good stuff.

Lady Prism said...

Aaaahaaaa! I knew it! I knew it! For some weird reason I thought of you gals' awhile ago..which is why I clicked here!

Awwww..have fuuun! Wish I could be with you! Hugs to the both of you and do take care of yourself Cora! I'll write soon. Eeeenjoooy!

frizzy scissorhands said...

hey ... have fun!

Enemy of the Republic said...

I didn't know if you were blogging--saw you at K9's--how are you?

The Phosgene Kid said...

Glad you got some time with K9. She seems as though she'd be a real hoot.

I got micro-tears in the linings in my knees, just comes with age (not that you are old). I just take an anti-inflammatory and press on.

Malinda777 said...

Silly me...for over two years now I thought K9 was a guy...hehehe

That'll give you two something to laugh at ME for :)