Thursday, August 28, 2008

Down, But Not Out

I fell on Tueday...and might have fractured my elbow...
Lucky for me I got my hair done on SATURDAY and this was the result! lol

I can't complain! I hope I didn't actually break anything, but time will tell.

I've also written poetry about not feeling "beautiful", and started a story about a Captain who ventures into dangerous territory for a short term gain- at the risk of losing a big investment.
Perhaps one day I'll post it when it't ready...

For now- I lay low.

Hugs everyone- BIG hugs. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

-me :)


Libby said...

oh, cora, I REALLY hope you're all right!! stay safe, and vertical, for God's sake! after all, He can only do so much!! LOL!! i really do hope it's not broke...but your hair looks gorgeous!!

SJ said...

A fallen woman ! :) :)

Hope you are all right.

foam said...

ouch is right! hope that elbow is not broken!
you can keep your beautiful golden tresses. they are look perfect on you ..
but i want that top you are wearing!

Anonymous said...

must agree
the hair is fab!

not so fab the fall

hope yr better


Doghouse said...

ouch!! you take care of yourself and dont do for everybody else as usual. nice hair! :-)

Doghouse said...

er.....that was K9 above, i was building a blog for the big dog's band

Effortlessly Average said...

That's right, have broken bones, but at least you look good! heh.

NYD said...

Hair goeth before a fall.

If things are broken can I come by and sign your cast?

Anonymous said...

way to give us a cliff hanger there cora! are you okay?

frizzy scissorhands said...

take care, girl ...

The Phosgene Kid said...

You look great to me. hope the elbow is ok!!

Midsummerprism said...

Oh my, are you ok?

Your hair is as pretty as ever. I envy you. Mine has a mind of its own.

K9 said...

watching sarah palin speak last night i thought, this is what maydens vice presidency would look like. how's the healing going??

Helene (aka Kate) said...

your hair looks great!

hope your arm is ok! ugg

lets catch up later this week!


Mayden' s Voyage said...

Libby- thanks :) I too love the hair- and the elbow is going to be ok, at least I hope so :)

Oh- you have no idea my friend...none at all! lol-
Fallen indeed!

Foamy- I knew you would like this top! It reminds me of a dress you were wearing in one of your photos :) I got it at the Dress Barn this summer~ and even though I feel like it's tight and a tad too revealing, I get rave reviews everytime I wear it- so...why not?
:) I've earned 2 things in this life- my fine lines, and my curves!
It's about time I enjoyed them both :)

Hugs /t :) and thank you~

Doghouse, Thank you- and I would KNOW you anywhere :)

EA- you have me PEGGED! lol! I looked fab, fell down, and then went to the Dr! :) All I got was Naproxen out of the deal! What was that all about?! :)

NYD- lol- I'd let you sign my arm as long as you stay away from the elbow :)

Sean! OMgoodness! wow! GOOD to see you! I owe you lots and lots of comments! I'm ok- still sore after 10 days, but if you think I am going to complain about ANYTHING in front of you- nope...
I won't :) Hugs friend- it really was great to see you here! :)