Thursday, May 22, 2008

Honoring those who gave their all~

Before you head to the beach, or plan your cook out, or if you are simply going to be hanging around the house and enjoying your day off- take a moment to reflect on Memorial Day.

Normandy France


Having recently seen this film, Band of Brothers, for the first time- I must add a clip.
It was the most moving and powerful film I've ever seen. It's tough to watch, but I think it reflects the truth of what our men lived and died doing in the liberation of Europe and stopping Hitler.

Happy Memorial day- and God bless our men and women in uniform.


ThursdayNext said...

I just wrote a letter and yelled at a branch manager of a local bank that is open on Memorial Day. I am calling my local Veteran Association as well to help me make them see their lack of respect.

roxanne s. sukhan said...

"per ardua astra"

enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

a great
long weekend,


Greg C said...

Thank you Cora. I don't mind saying that I teared up a few weeks ago at the Changing of the Guards at Arlington. I stood there thinking about all the graves and the people in them and it really got to me. They had a special ceremony and when they played taps I lost it. I am proud to say I am American and a Veteran.

Thank you.

Libby said...

thanks, cora! i think you said it all for all of us!!

X. Dell said...

Laudo memoriam paci.

darkfoam said...

i have a relative buried at arlington. my uncle and dad were at normandy..
and this n.c. county i work at sends their children to school on memorial day when their parents have off.

The Phosgene Kid said...

3PM stop what you are doing and use the quiet to reflect upon things. Never Forget.

Lady Prism said...

There was a ceremony at the US cemetery over here as well. It looks pretty much like the one in your picture. Rows and rows and rows of white crosses for as far as can be seen.

NYD said...

That you may be able to enjoy the price of freedom paid by the bravery and sacrifice of others, make certain that you lead a life that preserves and ensures the continuation of liberty.
Those who fought for independance and against tyranny have left the responsibility to protect the results of their valor in our hands.

Unknown said...

Been a while hasn't it. Happy Birthday :)

JL4 said...

I think I've seen that Youtube's not Mary Poppins, is it?