Thursday, January 15, 2015


A lifetime she said,
Slowly turning her head,
And smiled at the man of her heart.
Whatever is left, we'll make it the best,
Each morning we'll kiss at the start♡

A lifetime she whispered,
Forgetting all winters,
Only thinking of spring-
Of flowers in bloom, while honeybees zoom,
 and the man who made her heart sing.

A lifetime can be lived in a moment,
Or it can span 100 years,
Millions of seconds of joy and pain,
Of laughter, learning, and tears.

"A lifetime", he whispered, and nodded his head,
 while holding the one he loved so-
I've waited long- you are my hearts favorite song,
For a lifetime, I'll never let go.


1 comment:

X. Dell said...

Okay. I'm impressed. Are we gonna see another poetry contest?

What's more impressive than the poem is your ability to find joy in life, and in marriage. More power to you.