Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Dark Knight and a Tiny Candle

In my dream...there is

A Dark Knight on a white horse,
I've become lost-
I've traveled off course.
I've wandered into the garden around his castle.

At the gate he beckons me inside,
Welcomes, and leads me to the library,
Then leaves me to ponder for a time about
All the stories and words which surround me.

My heartbeat quickens,
Latin, Greek, Gibran, and Thomas,
All in one place, and not one word un-sacred.
The hours pass like minutes.

He returns with a gift, and wine,
and finds me, like a child,
Enthralled on the floor with his books,
But I am no child. I am a lover of words.

Smiling, and gently, but oh so firmly,
He reaches down to touch my arm,
Easily pulling me to my feet,
He leads me towards his massive desk.

Leaning over me, touching my hair,
He asks, "Mayden, do you know who I am?"
My exterior shows no fear,
But inside, my heart trembles at the question.

I ponder before I answer...
I was lost, and he took me in.
I was weary, and he refreshed my mind and body,
There was no malice in his eyes...yet he was reading my soul.

I answered, "No Sir, I do not know you, and yet..."
He gazed into my blue eyes, waiting,
"I trust you"  I whispered.
"Good", he said aloud, and kissed me on the cheek.

"I am both a Gentleman, and a Dark Knight,
A lover, and a slayer. A Master and a teacher.
I am honored with your gift of trust,
I will ever guard it with all I am."

I wake up in twilight- confused by my dream of the dark Knight.
I touch  my cheek, still warmed by his kiss.
I am home, and I am alone.
I miss his words, the strength of his hands, and the sound of his voice.

Under my pillow is a tiny wrapped package,
The gift he gave me in my dream...
How can it be here with me, in my bed???
Tied with a long silken cord.

I unwrap the gift...it is a tiny book.
On the first page is written-
"The great tragedy of life is not that men perish, but that they cease to love.‏"
And I find my heart aches for him.

How do I get back to the dream?
How do I find my way back to the quiet garden of the Dark Knight?
What will I find in the other rooms of his castle?
What will I find in the chambers of his heart?

I only know being in his presence made me feel alive,

He read my heart and mind,
And comforted me with what he discovered.
His Strength, not his darkness, is what draws me to him.

My flame, like a tiny candle in a dragons lair,

Can not be put out by darkness.
But perhaps my light- reflected in the polished silver of his mail, 
Will illuminate our path...while he leads the way ♥

If only I can find him again...


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Beautifully written, wistful and loving.

(Mind you , if it is that scurrilous rogue, Sir Percy, I shall be sorely miffed!)

foam said...

Truly lovely, Mayden faire whose light shines bright. I can feel the yearning for the fulfillment, trust and love felt while in his presence.

Skunkfeathers said...

Mayden, you have the gift.