Friday, June 24, 2011

Foamy in person - better than you can imagine, but all I knew would be true :)

I've  been blogging for several years.   I'd like to say it's been a long time (almost 6 years now?) but I have good friends who've been at it longer- so I'll refrain from using words like "long", or "ages", or "forever".   You can read the index and see for yourself how long it's been- through "thick and thinner"- pudgy is now the season I think I'm in :)  

A few weeks ago I had the extreme pleasure of meeting a blogger who I've been friends with almost since the beginning of my blog life, who shares many of the same blog friends as I do, and has a heart tender enough to actually use my phone number and call when things are difficult in my life.    Foamy, or Diana, has seen me through some difficult moments, and when things in her life were less than easy she has been in many of my thoughts and prayers and sometimes even cards in the mail.   What a precious heart she has- and IS.

She arrived at the coast a few days before I did.   But when I arrived she was a mere hop away from where I would be staying.   Our original plans were to meet the following day after I arrived, but I couldn't wait for such!   I drove over to see her the night I got to the beach...there was no way I was going to wait!

Foamy has been a dear friend.   More beautiful and precious in person than on-line, which would be hard for me to imagine.   She is genuine, down to earth, sweet, and as good natured as I could have hope for- and then some.   When she speaks I hear the slightest hint of her German upbringing- which I consistently questioned (internally) if it was real, or if I just knew her to well :)   I imagine both are true.   I felt like, when I met her, I had known her for many years--- which was absolutely true! e

I can't put into words what a treasure it was to meet her- but I hope it won't be out last encounter!   If she returns to the NC coast this summer- I would like to drive wherever she is to see her again and meet her family- and I hope vice versa.   I know some of you know what a gift it is to meet your fellow blog friends- but for those of you who haven't- do so when you can.     It's an experience like none other :)

Hugs Foamy :)   and thank you!


Libby said...

what a treasure! & just imagine, if it weren't for the internet, we'd never meet so many good friends!!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Yes Libby- and I've often wondered about how much my life would have been changed (and limited) if I hadn't met some of my blog friends! It's been a wonderful experience to meet and read these people I would have likely never crossed paths with- and now count them in my heart as friends. What a precious gift my blog friends have become to me. I can not imagine my life without them now♥

tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

what a blessing this blogging thing turned out to be!! xo

chickory said...

how wonderful for you both! you do know people from what they write..its in some ways a better introduction than somebody you meet in the real world. What fun you must have had talking about all the bloggas. I will never forget us standing in a check out line when we both discovered our freak out at a certain photograph. grhhahaahahahaha.

Foamer is a dear. I hope to meet her someday too.

foam said...

awwwwww mayden, you are the one who has a tender heart. i'm the one with the phone phobia. i haven't called nearly enough .. ;-).
it was truly a great pleasure to meet you. you were also just as i imagined .. and more .. not a shy bone, earthy, warm, charming, funny.
i do wanna meet again and again .. :-)

Aunty Belle said...

Smile....Mayden, how dear!! Wunnerful that you two managed to meet in the real--but yore hearts already knowed each other.

I still have most warm an' fond memories of meetin' Mayden in the flesh--wif' Helen, an' K9 an' Boggs--the one male blogger brave enough to risk a blog summit wif' wimmen. When wuz that? seems at least 5 years ago but mebbe less?

Heaven knows whar' an' how to insert the right soul at the times of need--so pleased you an' Foamy have been there fer each other. An' it's been a delight to read of it from both perspectives.

Aunty Belle said...

Oh dear!

Reading backwards--yore mama!! Oh chile' so sorry fer the fright ya had. What a blessin' thangs is returned to normal recovery mode.

My own Mama died in March. she too had hallucinations an' much confusion from C02 narcosis. Her heart were jes' too weka to beat strong, so the breathin' became shallower an the C02 built up--we used a bi-pap machine at night an' Mama's mornin' hours could be clear headed, but eventually the C02 prevailed and she slipped away.

I have vivid memories of how hard she worked to keep a focus--this woman with a very keen mind and no hint of senility whatsoever--such that doctors often spent extra time wif' her cause she was also a retired psychologist. We even discussed her "visions" an' she would say "I know they are not real, but they seem very real" They also frightened her (buildings fallin' on each other)

We wuz fortunate that the staff knew her as alert and inteliigent, so when the weird visions began they realized her lung capacity wuz failin' her an' checked the blood levels--but Mayden, yore point needs to shouted from the rooftops--NEVER leave a loved one unattended in a hosptial more'n a few hours--when thangs go wrong they have no advocate but someone that KNOWS what's normal fer them.

Minus such care, well meanin' medical personnel make dreadful mistakes. Particularly with the elderly --nearly everyone assumes the elderly are all an inch from senility --and they are NOT. But when personnle make that assumption, they miss something as simple to diagnose as C02 poisoning.

Hope yore Mama is on the mend--please give her a hug from Aunty. Hug her lots. Wish I could still hug my Mama.

dianne said...

Such a lovely post dear Mayden, I am so pleased that you two met in person and you do get to know someone from their thoughts and what they write. I love the photo by the way, you two are setting a new trend with these layed back 'feet' photos. We are all blessed to have Foamy in our lives, she is a sweetheart ... I have had the pleasure and honour of communicating with Foamy via e-mail and she is a genuine, beautiful, caring person and someone who has always been there for me when I needed a friend and one of the first to comment at my blog posts.
xoxoxo ♡

Have Myelin? said...

How fun for you! I've always thought it would be fun to hop into the Jeep (with a driver, of course...) and explore the world (don't know how I'd get across the Jeep don't float!) and meet all my bloggy friends.

...and you met one! =)

X. Dell said...

After meeting both of you ladies in the flesh, I can honestly say that you're both better than imagination could conceive. I've enjoyed your company very much, and love knowing that the two of you have had the pleasure of experiencing each other's warmth and comraderie in person. You're both good friends online and off.

X. Dell said...

BTW, I've shared Have Myelin?'s jeep fantasy, except that the car of my daydreams gets really good gas mileage.

foam said...

Happy Independence Day!

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Love those toes!