Friday, May 14, 2010

Perilous Adventures and Wishes Granted~

 (aka- what I've been up to, and drinks I've made:)

This is my hive...which I opened without my gloves...and that was a mistake.

I was stung just below the knuckle,  Apparently one of my bees didn't like me much?   Ouch! 
(my hand swelled to twice the normal size)

However, I did make it to the beach....where I had strawberries and sushi on the shore :)
(but not at the same time)

Not quite Marilyn..

My Grandmother came for a visit~ my dad's mom,  "Mabel"- who is such a lovely and dear person-
I'll be lucky to ever be half the lady she is ♥


Today I went to my Uncle's farm to pick strawberries ♥

I've made 16 cups of Jam so far!

And at last, I had a Martini!

It looks like Margaret had one too, but she didn't!  :)

I've done more, but I'm too tired to tell about it...but a garden WAS planted :)

Saturday, May 01, 2010

/t- put me in a Warhol mood ♥

A blast from the past..
Created by Chickory~ (aka beloved pooch, K9, Ande :)
I'm not sure I ever published this one!