Sunday, January 31, 2010

Long Overdue~

(The "news" bit of this post will be at the bottom)

I'm not exactly in the deep south, and the last few days certainly haven't felt like it either.
I noticed an interesting trend in my house today after I'd been outside taking pictures. I wonder if you can spot it?

(and for those of you up to your ears in snow all winter, you might want to skip this :)

(my bedroom door)

(Son's bedroom door)

(Front door)

Notice anything? I have snowmen ear-rings, and snowmen on my vests. It dawned on me that maybe WE were the reason for the change of weather around here! lol :) (Do not tell the Yankees who live near us, they might get mad)

(view from the front porch)

The backyard- no sign of the deer, but they left foot-prints.

As did the birds below the bird feeder-

My gorgeous Carolina Jasmine is hanging on, but I worry the 10 degree temps tonight will be hard on her.


Neighborhood view...where did the road go?

No coon tracks- I'm guessing the snow makes them stand out quite a bit to the Owls and Hawks who live in the forest behind us~




No sunbathing this week :)
Early Jan was a struggle. Mid January found me at the coast. My father in law became quite ill and was hospitalized. I went to be with them for a week to help out when he came home, and I am glad I did. Even in their difficult situation we managed to have fun and laugh and eat well every day. I did most of the cooking, as well as helped with various other things. My in-laws were happy to have me, and I was happy to be there. "Paw-Paw" is well and should recover completely.
It feels like a million things have happened since Jan 1st, but I guess it's simply the drama of life. Today is my mother's b-day and she will be 60.
Happy B-day mom :)
I have a back log of things to write, and bloggers to visit. I have missed being with you. I have missed your words and the comfort of your friendship. I have especially missed some who will not return.
I find it powerful and curious how important words can be in a persons life. Merely words. Written, spoken, texted, or emailed...they fill up the big spaces, and especially the little ones in our lives. Our words have meaning (unless you are in Congress- ugh) and they have power to sway, influence, tear down, or express love.
When the words stop- IT IS then one realizes how important those words were/are. How those messages layered in on the soul, like feathers on a hen, softly and securely protecting a treasure beneath.
If I could give you all big smoochy hug I would- lol- but since I can't- I leave you with this~
"Kind words are a creative force, a power that concurs in the building up of all that is good, and energy that showers blessings upon the world."- Lawrence G. Lovasik
and this-
"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."
- Christopher Robin to Pooh
:) I will visit soon~


Anonymous said...
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foam said...

hey! your neck of the wood looks like my neck of the wood. and it's true what you say about words. you are good with them. i wish i were better ..

Bad Bob said...

We only got about 1.5" here in SC. Where I work, South of Asheville, got about 5" and part of the county got 11". So we are out of school for a few days. There goes Spring Break.

I was hoping you and your family were OK. Glad to have you back. Your words are always an inspiration to me.

Skunkfeathers said...

Long as I'm here, the words are here for you ;-)

Funny how NC is suddenly looking like CO, without the mountains!

dianne said...

So much snow Mayden dear, it looks so beautiful where you live, beautiful photos.
It is true what you say about words, whether spoken, written, e-mailed or texted, when they express concern, friendship and love they connect us with those we care for and look forward to hearing from. xo ♡

/t. said...

beautiful mayden,

what you say about words is
so true -- and thanks for the reminder

you do live in a beautiful place with varied wildlife to keep you company and weather to keep it all interesting -- enjoy!

× × ×


tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

love to you. the cherry trees are starting to bloom very soon, but VANOC desperately needs snow for the olympics. It is green and anticipation of new life fills the air.

Lady Prism said...

* It's postcard pretty! I've seen snowy pics but yours look like the happy sort haha! I specially like the front porch view. :D

* What you said about "words".everything is all so true. What should most importantly be realized is that words either give life or take it. I think I'll blog about this topic someday soon. People who have said the kindest to me still empower me to this day. And those whose remarks were most unkind, well somehow, I've never really forgotten how that made me feel.

aa said...
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Nishant said...

it's true what you say about words. you are good with them. i wish i were better ..
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