Monday, September 21, 2009


Ever had a day where you wanted to curl up with a good book- and almost nothing else?

Well aside from playing with my 4yr old nephew, and picking up my daughter early from school, and cooking dinner...

I did sneak in an hour of reading in bed :)


dianne said...

I've had a lot of those days lately Mayden dear where I wished I could just curl up and sleep and sleep, just switch off... but I'm afraid here it is just not going to happen.
Pleased you got a little nap in dear, sometimes it does you good. :-) ♡

Skunkfeathers said...

Enjoy such "calms amidst the storms" whenever possible ;)

roxanne s. sukhan said...

nuthin wrong with that ...

Anonymous said...


beautiful pic
hope yr staying dry
there, lovely mayden


Helene said...

ya today was one of those days!

Whatcha reading?

darkfoam said...

yea, whatcha reading?
anyway .. an hour like that is to be savored ..

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Dianne- A nap often does me good :)

Skunk- I did enjoy it...might try for a bit more today! (Pix is home sick, so we don't have any plans, except for me to run to Kroger in a little while :)

Thanks Rox :)

/t- thank you :) The heavy rains which fell over K9 mostly missed us- we had one day of it, but not nearly as bad as places further south. Hugs friend- I hope you are well :)

Helene and Foamy, I was re-reading the Hobbit...omgoodness! I loved it more this time than I ever have before- which is really saying something :) Funny how the story takes on a new meaning as an adult, at least it did for me. Now on to the Fellowship of the Ring :)