Monday, October 04, 2010

4 years old, going on 16!

(The blog crisis is seemingly resolved.  [Phos, I have to wonder if you aren't on to something with the hotmail v the gmail acct!]  This is a re-post from  4 years ago because J is now 8 and in 3rd grade...with as much spunk as ever.   A current post is brewing :)

Yesterday, I got to spend 2 hours with my nephews... J is 4, A is 1.

J is percocious and ambitious and likes--no loves--to demolish things, throw balls, build stuff and tear it down, ride his bike fast, be a cowboy, be a police name it--I have never seen a child with so much spunk!

Anyway, he is going to pre-school this September and I asked him, "J, which school will you be going to this fall?"

He put his hands on his hips in a very grown up way and with the most serious look on his face (because, this is after all a very serious matter), he said,

"Aunt Nonna, I will be in High School!" :)

I love that monkey!



iamnot said...

It's a fun age to be sure. Full of discovery and confidence.

X. Dell said...

He proably thinks that after high school comes retirement.

I'm sure his perspective will grow as he gets older.

My nephews are growing up fast. Enjoy them while they're still happy to hang out with you.

Mayden's Voyage said...

iamnot...yes, 4 is wonderful :)

X--Retirement? Lol! He will run until the Good Lord Himself steps down to block him! Hope God has a good set of knees :)

I do enjoy them so much! Anytime I need a "baby fix", there is a baby to be found, and one I am related to no less! :)

Bad Bob said...

Actually, his maturity level may fit in just fine at high school. He just may be a little small....

Skunkfeathers said...

LOL...J is smarter, then and now, than a lot of the Democrats in Congress.

Bad Bob said...
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Bad Bob said...

Hey Skunkfeathers!!
I don't think it's limited to just the Democrats!!

Roselle Quin said...

LOL! You're one lucky Auntie to have such a handsome fun 4 year old high school nephew who adores you, haha! He is so smart, I can just imagine the excitement when he's around.

Ah, I think I miss having kids that age with me. I have nephews too, but right now are too busy with school and Taekwondo classes and competition. They'll be coming over this Halloween tho' so I'm excited.

I wonder what he thinks of your bees, hmm...

•♥•´¯`•.¸¸.♥ •♥•

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Gents...there are clueless folks on both sides of the isle these days, but anyone in camp-peolsi is brain dead. What a mess we have on our hands nationally!

Roselle- hugs to you friend ♥ Our weekend with the boys was precious, and a workout- I won't lie :) But they are as dear to me as my own children, if not more- I love them so much♥ I also miss having little ones around, but I see how my life has moved past the kiddie stage, and it kind of surprised me how "un-baby proof" my home is now. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm a house for teenagers now :)
I often wish you were closer...and I'm sorry for being so "far away"- but you will always be dear to my heart. Hugs and love friend ♥

chickory said...

yeah, thats about how young high schoolers look to me now.

hey iamnot! hey xdell!

X. Dell said...

Wow, this post brings back memories.

See how time flies? He's now halfway to sixteen.