Saturday, November 19, 2016

Angels can't be kept...

A Bitter film coats my tongue
Dry and unquenchable thirst,
5 too many shots of Bourbon
Sobriety reunites me with my pain

Your smile flashes in my head,
What's worse, the burn or the heart bile?
The impossibility of you torments me
I drink, I weep,  and I fall asleep..,
You, 200 miles away
.  In a prison of happenstance.
   You aren't free, and I am trapped...
attached to you via the soul.

I will go to my grave with your name on my heart
I can change.  I can slip away.  But how?
How does one walk away from an angel?
Damn his perfect beautiful kisses.

He scorched my tongue and ruined me
I feel I will die without him.
I have hope, that maybe, he might be mine.
But some ugly shred of grief reminds...

Angels can't be kept.
But I can, and would be again